--Q: Where can we buy BIBO 3d printers online?

--A: We have official stores or partner reseller stores on Aliexpress and Amazon . The authorized sellers's names are: BIBO 3D Printer, BIBO3D Printer, shunrong, fenlv, zhuoling116. We have warehouses in USA, UK, EU, Russia, Canada, Japan, and China .


--Q: Where to download the latest BIBO 2 touch slicing settings for repetier host, cura or simplify 3d ?

--A: We can download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B76TjeOkslHlZ2VBLXBSdzJYdms/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-boJmBv7vQyKVocbp8qtJRw


--Q: Where to visit the BIBO 2 touch unboxing video ?

--A: We can visit the unboxing video here: 



--Q: Where to download the manual and troubleshooting files for BIBO 2 touch printer ?

--A: We can download the manual here: 


      The laser gift manual is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VG86keoOmT-3nPAk2ez8l_5kyc5iwPXC/view?usp=sharing

      The troubleshooting files are here:


--Q: How can I know the print failure cause is from the printer calibration or slicing settings?

--A: Please kindly print our test gcode files with the stock BIBO PLA filament: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y2nqfK7Dx2IxXu9M2p_PNU8A4FyewKW7/view?usp=sharing

 If the print is ok, usually the cause is slicing settings. Please follow the instruction to import our slicing settings again. You can also contact bibo@ourbibo.com for help.

--Q: My print is not stick to the bed. How to solve this problem ?

--A: Please apply more glue on the glass bed and wait it to dry first. We can also loose three wing nuts under the bed a little to lift the bed to have better print adhesion.


--Q: How to dredge my clogged extruder ?

--A: We can push down the filament or metal stick by hand again and again to the heated extruder to dredge the clogged extruder or the stuck filament, and this way usually works. The metal sticks under the diameter 1.75 mm are ok. For example, this loop metal stick: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2037221587.html   or this: www.amazon.com/dp/B01COSU6CW/

--Q: Do you recommend to replace the parts on BIBO 3d printer ?

--A: It is strongly not recommended to replace the parts, as replacing the parts usually causes the damage or the new problem. Please kindly contact bibo@ourbibo.com first before replacing, as there may be much easier way to solve your problem without disassembling anything. For example, pushing down filament or the metal stick to the heated extruder is much easier then replacing the hot ends for the extruder clog problem.

--Q: How to let USB connection be more stable ?

--A: Disable WiFi function (click Settings-WiFi-Disable on the touch screen) and let the touch screen stay at the main screen will let the USB connection be more stable.


--Q: When I try to print large or tall models, the other nozzle not printing will knock the print. How to solve this problem?

--A: This problem is always cuased by the nozzles are too close to the bed or the print is warping. Usually we can tighten three wing nuts under the bed a little or heat the other nozzle at 165 degrees celsius, so the other hot nozzle will not ruin the print during printing.


--Q: What is the printer warranty ?

--A: Warranty period is 12 months for BIBO 3D printers since shipping date, and the extruder's warranty is 3 months, and gifts are without warranty. If the printer or parts fail with normal and proper use, BIBO will provide users with free parts replacement, phone or email support and lifetime after-sales service.


--Q: I have deleted the files in the SD card which is sent with the printer BIBO 2 touch. Where can I download these files?

--A: You can download them here: 


--Q: How can I add the laser engraver to the BIBO 3d printer?

--A: If you want engraving function, check this engraving module DIY kit: www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/k0zN0gKYIncuXx7wYLifIaCnaHMMSuUMmKMqjPI4SyD

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